When shopping for a new car, you probably have a whole list of expectations, requirements, and specifications. Luckily, you may find that the Ford Edge meets most, if not all, of them. Sleek with a shine that comes with your choice of colors, the Edge is a performance-based mid-size SUV with the power to get you everywhere you need to go.

The new Edge is loaded with exterior and interior features, but the most prevalent and positive features are the ones under the hood. The automatic start-stop feature helps conserve gas by stopping when you do, then starting when you release the brake. While the wheel-mounted shifter paddles allow you to switch gears as needed on the eight-speed automatic transmission.

While you’ve read a bunch of benefits about the Ford Edge, it’s still important to get first-hand driving experience in this popular SUV. So, come visit us at Dean Arbour Ford of West Branch Inc. for a test drive and more details.



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