Ford's record of excellence stretches back to the dawn of the car making industry, and its Fusion Hybrid model seeks to steer the company into the future with a range of eco-friendly features. Forward thinking designs like regenerative braking and a direct injection turbocharged engine streamline fuel use and give a balanced split between performance and fuel efficiency.

The Fusion's exterior has clean, aerodynamic lines and a central chrome grill framed by LED headlights with automatic highbeams. Dual power rear view mirrors match the body paint, as do the front and rear bumpers and door handles. The car can be further customized with chrome door handles if desired.

The Fusion's tail lamps are powered by highly visible LED bulbs. Solar tinted glass comes standard throughout the vehicle, helping to keep interior temperatures slightly cooler and reducing road glare. The easy-open fuel door reveals a capless fuel tank for added convenience at the gas pump.



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