Ford Taurus Offers RaceCar-Like Performance Features

With a 288 horsepower engine and an impressive six speed transmission, the Ford Taurus gives you a race car feel with the look of a practical sedan. The car also has all wheel drive sensors that turn on when necessary to ensure the best traction for road conditions.

The engine's smart technology opens and closes valves in order to conserve fuel and give you a better fuel economy no matter what type of driving you typically do. The car's suspension makes it easy to maneuver around sharp turns. It even has a sport mode, where you can put your racing skills to the test and opt to drive using a manual gear shift. Mounted paddle shifters make it easy to switch gears if the traditional gear shift isn't your thing.

To put the Ford Taurus model's performance features to the test, be sure to visit Dean Arbour Ford of West Branch Inc. to test drive the new model today.



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