Ford SYNC® 3 - Syncing with Ford Pass™

The Ford SYNC® 3 provides Ford drivers and passengers with the power of flexibility, convenience and comfort while traveling. Its hands on the steering wheel and eyes on the road approach leaves passengers in such an ease and drivers in a more relaxing state of confidence that the ride inevitably becomes more enjoyable.

Add a stylish little name for your vehicle when added to Ford Pass™ - the ability to use your smart phone for commands directed at your Ford SYNC® 3. Before enjoying the Ford SYNC® 3 interface, program your car to start at a specific time without manually having to do so, definitely effective in winter weathers during scheduled travel times to make your Ford experience more comfortable. Of course, this isn't the only plant in the Ford Pass™ crop as users are able to track vehicle location, lock and unlock the car and view fuel levels as well when syncing Ford Pass™.

The crop is plentiful and healthy with the Ford SYNC® 3 and visiting the new Ford showroom Dean Arbour Ford of West Branch Inc. will allow you the freedom to try for yourself!

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